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Additionally, if i Phone users are busy and can’t chat they’ll now be notified via push notifications that they have guys waiting to chat to them, and all conversations are saved.

The chat functionality in particular is great as it enables instant connectivity meaning there’s no waiting around for messages, and users can share as many photos as they like.

Better still, the LBS means users can hook up for with other guys any time.

Safety is also key to the app’s Nearby function, displaying searches at a minimum of 75 metres away no matter how close someone is.

"You can't really multitask while you’re video chatting, your computer basically has to stay in one place and you may want to pay more attention to your appearance.

Last week was the much ballyhooed debut of the i Phone 5S and 5C along with i OS 7.

i OS is the Apple operating system for mobile devices.

The Internet remains the most popular way to do so: about 23 percent have participated in this form of communication over the Internet using their computers, compared to seven percent who used their cell phones.