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Dating customs elizabethan times

Marriages that did not follow this procedure were regarded as illegal.

You will appreciate that the arrangements for exotic dishes required time and effort.

Bread, sweetmeats and ale would be served in attractively decorated dishes.

The bride and the groom were appropriately dressed for their wedding.

In the Elizabethan era white was not the preferred color for a wedding dress.

Since communities were very small and everyone knew what was happening, everyone would just turn up for the wedding with gifts (optional) or otherwise.

The wedding ends with a specially planned wedding feast and the menu is discussed elaborately.

Surprisingly, you will note that in a few families, the marriage was not conducted till the boy reached the age of 21 which was the age of consent.

You will note that the woman in Elizabethan wedding custom and tradition must come to her marriage endowed with a dowry or portion.

The husband would have full rights over the finances of the wife and she becomes his property along with the dowry that she brings.

The Elizabethan wedding custom demanded that the intention of the couple to marry must be announced three times in the church. Any one who wished to object to the union could do so during the time gap between the announcement of the banns and the wedding.

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