Start Demi lovato and david archuleta dating

Demi lovato and david archuleta dating

The whole world over, those who know the horrors of alcoholism and addiction feel a knot in their stomach as they learn that the disease just claimed another victim.

A true recovery role model, she knows that life won’t always be perfect.

But if we learn to accept ourselves one day at a time, we can find serenity.

Fans wonder what untold wonders might have awaited us in the future if their beloved celebrity had lived.

Grieving family members watch as cynical internet users blame the victim for their disease.

Demi Lovato suffered these same afflictions, also cutting herself to escape the pain suffered from bullying in school.

As her fame awarded her more independence, she eventually found her way into cocaine.

But so do those who show us that we can make a better choice. Their very existence reminds us that this disease is only fatal if we allow it to be. Demi Lovato struggled with eating disorders long before she began drinking and using drugs.

Do we die in obscurity, or do we live to the fullest? In an interview with Access Hollywood, the star explains that it began before she even reached the age of 10: The singer wasn’t alone in this struggle.

On Wednesday (April 15), the rumors were confirmed: Archuleta will open for Lovato when her tour kicks off June 21 in Hartford, Connecticut.

The 47-city trek will also have Nick Jonas' rumored girlfriend Jordan Pruitt and girl group KSM on select dates.

"It's going to take a different sound, so hopefully it goes over well," she said.