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Kate todd dating

I talk about my daughter and, you know, what I’m going to have to explain to her when she’s old enough to Google me!

So we don’t just sit down and give them a scripted monologue of my life … Well, she lives with [actress] Anne [Wood], so Anne is the primary carer. She has a different relationship with me than she has with Anne. Did you always know that your would be a performer? I’ve just had the most amazing, most incredible support. The first time I went on stage, when I was almost four, there were no other boys in the class but me. I underestimated the impact of having people looking at me. But it made the audience laugh, and I remember that! So they had to come and get me to take me off and tell me, “Listen, you’re flattening the kids as you walk.”You’ve won so many awards during your career. Singing I Still Call Australia Home at the AFL Grand Final. She said “I watch the show because Nikki [Webster] and because of you she’s not on it any more, I hate you”… [Another time] I went in to the butcher’s to buy some meat for the barbie and a little old man just went “Give Pauline Hanson a fair go, mate” and hurled his bag of sausages at me!

He talked to me about how he got his start, what he’s learnt from a life in the spotlight, and embarrassing moments from the first time he stepped on stage. So we’d been touring with a show called Todd Mc Kenney Sings Peter Allen. So it was always the day after the show, when I was flying home.

I said: Let’s put some new numbers in to keep it fresh for us. [However] I just wanted to be the best male dancer in Australia, that’s where I was aiming … Everybody has got a review now, and everyone’s happy to put it online. I was captured or captive, I suppose, in the Qantas Club.

So I’m going to put my or our own stamp on some of the songs that I grew up with. She taught me my first poem then she taught me my first song, so we’re going to put that in. We celebrate the artists who have inspired me – such as Peter Allen, Bette Midler and Barry Manilow.